Monday, July 25, 2011


HAHA. Losing something isn't what I hope. Well, maybe it's just our fate .. to be separated. I can't force you, You are not even mine. I mean no. But, you dn't actually have to do those face, which show how much you hate me. I mean.. seriously ? FINE, I laugh when I'm sad. I tear-up when I'm happy. I true what Ain said. THE HANDSOME ARE THE BAD ONES. I'm lucky enough because after knowing you .. there are someone who's kind enough to stay with me. PROTECT ME. I'm thankful. Their age might be younger one or two years. They are strong enough to protect me. Unlike you, the one who stay away and only care about one. It's true . WE ARE NOT EVEN FRIENDS. I may like you before. NOW ? Not anymore baby. I gotta say GOODBYE. You are so not worth to like. I truely believe like hell. and what I've got ? LIES you gave me. I can imagine one day I might even curse you infront of everybody. This is not the reality I wanted. So, please.. be honest. You might ended up as crap. I WARN YOU , SUCK.

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