Monday, January 10, 2011

Eh , oh yeah ? blah , what ?!

Where should I start from ?
Okay , today's special . I'm writing in ENGLISH cos' in case any of my friend from other country came and visit this .

Well , I told BEAST that I want them to see this blog , cos' I put their song , hope they see this :D
I want to make a wish here , I wish BEAST and Ukiss will write CHIKA on a piece of paper , and snap a picture and put it on twitpic and tag me for my birthday . ofc , I didn't put my hope up cos' i'm pretty sure they are busy . I UNDERSTAND , baby boy .

BTW , ONEW , chakiyaa ~ ILY so muchieee :)

And , I did not forget my SUPER JUNIOR oppa's . KEEP 13 . ELF'S 13ELIVE in you , our boys !

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