Wednesday, December 15, 2010

ha.LARI laa , LARIIII ~ !

I'm not talking behind you back , but , i already told you , why you must be a human that can't even I trust ? This shows you're running away , my DEAR friend ! - Oh , yeah , you're trying to make this all my fault for bring up the date , then , you told everyone i arrange this - heyy ! don't be such a BITCH . MY FRIENDS , I hope you understand how much credits I spend for only you girls and not even one of you replied me ? Yeah , I'm really thinking you're a real BITCH ! Then , you keep avoiding me , just tell me if you don't want to do it ! - HOW SHAMEFUL - and , I'm DISSAPOINTED of you girls , why , cos' you just keep running awayy , and run ,run , run . RUN DEVIL RUN RUN DEVIL RUN RUN !

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